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by Amish Behl 1 Jun 2020

Winding Ritual is a publication dedicated to wristwatches with in-depth, authentic editorial for budding and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

One of the best things about watches is that – just like art – you don’t have to own them to enjoy their charm or be a part of the conversation. The real fun is in diving deep; whether in the course of building a personal collection or staying tuned in to different sides of the watch scene. At Winding Ritual too, the real fun is in diving deep to bring you stories that earnestly cover both these facets.

Our goal is to make watches as well as the art of watchmaking more approachable – whether you’re an enthusiast, collector or just generally curious. We work towards this by sharing honest, personal opinions and incisive commentary, beyond just facts and news. Which, in turn, come from our sound historical and technical understanding of watches and what makes them tick.

While we discuss watches from around the world, we’re based in India and bring some of that flavour and market focus into what we do. We aim to be the definitive informational resource for wristwatches in India.

Amish Behl, Founder

Founder’s Note

I’ve been enamoured with watches since I was a kid. While at that time, glowing digital dials and beeping wrist-calculators were all the rage, I gradually started to realise what unique objects wristwatches really were; in terms of permanence as well as being cultural capsules and memory carriers (there’s a longer family story here too, of course).

I feel that watches are simply an unparalleled intersection of art, science and human emotion. Also, you know, winding our watches is a simple pleasure we can experience literally every single day.

I’ve barely come across anyone who hasn’t become genuinely intrigued, once they found out an interesting little detail about the watch they were wearing or what it was capable of doing. Because watches, as possessions, are often quite emotionally-loaded.

It’s this human side to horology that I love exploring; free from forced connotations of luxury and glamour. And that’s what we want to do meaningfully through Winding Ritual. Because it’s pure joy worth sharing and spreading.

– Amish Behl

Amish is a wristwatch specialist and collector based in New Delhi, India. He is the country’s first Swiss-certified Watch Expert from the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) in Geneva, Switzerland. Amish is deeply passionate about the art and history of timekeeping, and is on a mission to tell stories of horological interest so that the charm of watches is better appreciated and relished.

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